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Line Card

3M Abrasives, Tapes & Adhesives
A.B. Tools Indexable Carbide Tooling.
Allen Benjamin HSS and Carbide Taps
Amada Bandsaw Blades
Arno Rouse USA LLC Indexable Carbide Tooling.
Bahco/Milford Band Saw Blades and Hand Tools
Balax HSS Taps, End Mills and Gaging.
Calculated Industries Machining Calculators
Camel Grinding Wheels Discs and Abrasives.
Conical Hss & Carbide Tapered End Mills
Cratex Rubberized Abrasives
Crystallume Diamond Cutting Tools
Dapra Indexable Carbide
Dorian Indexable Carbide Tooling, Holders and Machine Tool Accessories.
duMont Broaches
Dykem Layout Fluids and Markers.
Eagle Rock Specialty Tooling Products and Accessories
Everede Tool Co. Boring Bars and specialty tooling
EZE LAP Diamond Lapping Stones
Form Relief Port & Valve Cutters
Form Roll Knurling Tools and Thread Rolls.
GARR TOOL Carbide Cutting Tools
Gaylee Saws Solid Carbide & Carbide Tipped Circular Thin Saws
Hangsterfer's Coolant, Oil & Cleaners
Hannibal Carbide Carbide and Carbide Tipped Cutting Tools.
Harvey Tool Specialty Carbide Cutting Tools
Helical Solutions Carbide Cutting Tools Standards & Specials.
Horn Indexable Carbide Grooving Milling and Broaching Tools.
Hougen Annular Cutters and Magnetic Drills.
Internal Tool Specialty Carbide Cutting Tools.
Iscar Indexable Carbide Tooling, Holders and Machine Tool Accessories.
Kaiser Thin Bit Hss & Carbide Grooving Tools
Kennametal Indexable Carbide Tooling, Holders and Machine Tool Accessories.
Keo Keyseat Cutters, Countersinks
Knight Carbide Standard and Custom Precision ground Indexable Carbide Inserts
Koolmist Spray Mist Systems & Coolant
Lavallee & Ide Reamers
Link Industries Center drills, countersinks
LMT Fette Thread Rolling
M A Ford HSS and Carbide Cutting Tools.
Melin Tool Cabide Cutting Tools
Moon Milling Cutters, Keyseat Cutters and Saws.
Niagara HSS and Carbide Cutting Tools.
Nicholson Files
Onsrud Hss & Carbide Router Bits
OSG HSS and Carbide Cutting Tools.
PCT/GW Cutting Tools USA HSS, Cobalt, Powdered Metal, Carbide Endmills and Drills
Precision Twist Drill HSS and Carbide Drills
QualiChem Metalworking fluids
Radiac Conventional Bonded and Superabrasives
Robb Jack Carbide Slitting Saws & End Mills
TBT-USA Gun Drills
TMX Indexable Carbide Tooling.
Tool Flo Indexable Carbide Tooling
Triangle Reamers
Ultra Dex Boring Bars
Vardex Hss & Carbide Thread Milling
Whitney Tool Woodruff Key Cutters
5th Axis Workholding 5 Axis Workholding and Fixturing
Abbott Work Holding Products, Chuck Jaws and Tomb Stones.
Albrecht Precision Drill Chucks and Milling Holders.
Aloris Quick Change Tool Holders
Amada Bandsaws
Auto Crib, Inc. Industrial Vending Solutions
Big Kaiser Big Plus Tooling, CNC Holders, Angle Heads and Speeders.
Bilz CNC Tooling and Quick Change Tap Adapters.
Bison Lathe Chucks and Work Holding Products.
Briney Shrink Fit Tooling Systems and Holders.
Buck Lathe Chucks
Chick Modular Vises and Work Holding Systems.
Cogsdill Burnishing, Deburing and Reaming
Collis Tool Holders, Coolant Thru Holders, Balanced Tool Holders, Sleeves, Split Sleeves.
Command CNC Tool Holders and Boring Heads.
Conquest Vises
Craftsman ER and DA collet extensions.
Criterion Boring Heads & Bars.
Dake Metalworking Machine Tools
Danly Die Sets & Springs
Dorian Tool Indexable Carbide Tooling, Holders and Machine Tool Accessories.
Dunham Work holding and Collet Closers
Fowler Precision Measuring Tools & Gages
Global VDI Tool Holders, CNC Sleeves and Machine Tool Accessories.
Harig Grinding Accessories
Helicoil Screw Thread Inserts and Systems
Huot Cutting Tool and Toolholder Storage Solutions
Invert-A-Bolt Tooling Components
Jacobs Precision Drill Chucks and Tool Holders.
Jergens Fixturing and Work Holding.
Keller Oil Skimmers and Industrial Fluid Maintenance Equipment.
Kennedy Tool Boxes and Industrial Storage.
Koma Precision Rotary Tables, Angle Heads, Lathe & Swiss Tools and High Speed Air Tools.
Kurt Vises and Work holding.
Loc-line Modular Hose Systems.
Lyndex Tool Holders and Machine Tool Accessories.
Meyer Gage Pin, Plug & Ring Gages
Mistbuster Efficient, Compact Air Cleaners For Metalworking Applications
Mitee Bite Fixturing and Work Holding.
Mitutoyo Precision Measuring Tools & Gages.
National Filter Surface Grinder Filter Media.
NSK America Precision High Speed Spindles and Hand Grinding Tools.
Nupla Dead Blow Hammers
O.S. Walker Magnetic Chucks
Osborn Wire Wheels.
Parlec Tool Holders and Machine Tool Accessories.
Phase-a-matic Phase Converters
Pratt Burnerd America / Atlas Work Holding and Machine Tool Accesories
Procunier Tapping Heads
QPM Coolant Nozzles and Related Accessories for Machine Tools.
Raptor Work Holding Products Workholding, Vises and Fixturing
Rego-Fix Precision Tool Holders and Systems.
Royal Live Centers, Collets, Deburring Tools and Machine Tool Accessories.
SMW Power Chucks and Work Holding.
Somma Screw Machine Tooling.
Southern Gage Precision Gaging
SPI Precision Measuring Tools & Gages.
Standridge Surface Plates
Stanley Vidmar Industrial Storage Solutions
Starrett Precision Measuring Tools & Gages.
Stevens Engineering Modular Fixturing Systems and Work Holding.
Suburban Optical Comparators, Work Holding and Machine Tool Accessories.
T.M. Smith Precision Tool Holders and Systems.
Tapmatic Tapping Heads
TE-CO Workholding, Vises and Fixturing
Troyke Work Holding.
Vermont Gage Precision Gaging
Waterloo Tool Storage.
Yuasa Work Holding and Machine Tool Accessories.